3 Reasons Why Your Child Is Not Sleeping Well

It is late at night and you are so tired all you want to do sleep. Then suddenly, your baby starts crying. You feel like you are at your wit’s end. You are so frustrated and exhausted. The good news is you do not have to wake up. You can get a calm knight star projector sound machine with cry detection that will start singing lullabies immediately the baby starts to cry. However, you might wonder why your baby cannot sleep at night. The reasons below can help you know what is wrong.

Reasons why your child is not sleeping well.

There is a misconception that says when a baby is so tired he/she will sleep well at night. This is not true. Overtiredness leads to short naps and the baby will always wake up crying. Babies (toddlers and preschoolers) need 11 to 14 hours of sleep every day. To prevent overtiredness, have a routine. Babies work well with a schedule. Set a regular time for going to bed, for waking up, meals, napping and playing. Put the baby to bed early enough and make sure that he/she is getting enough sleep for his/her age.

This occurs when the environment is so stimulating that the baby cannot sleep. An overstimulated environment makes it hard for the baby to calm down and ends up hyper-alert, fidgety and over anxious. You can prevent this by having a white noise machine and relaxing star projector. Alternatively, you can have a calm knight star projector sound machine with cry detection. This comes relaxing star projector, cry detection feature and 10 lullabies and sounds. You can purchase it at calmknight.com.

  • Late nap time.

Some kids just delay bedtime. Some who are a bit older just make up reasons to stay up later than they should. Some parents think that their baby is not tired hence this behavior which is not the case. Given a chance, some kids can stay up longer than required. This will translate to early wakeups. Depending on your baby’s age, you should ensure he/she gets enough sleep. For babies under four months, let them sleep after every one and a half hours. To prevent the baby from being awake for long before napping, you should also move your bedtime earlier. Babies want to have their parents in the same room as they sleep as this makes them feel safer. Sleeping between 7 pm to 8 pm is early enough. Make this a routine.

However, there are times when your child sleeps late or wakes up early because he/she is in the middle of a nap transition. Some transitions are hard others are easy. You should be patient with the baby at this time. After the transition, the wakeup will normalize.

Sleep challenges can be frustrating. However, truly the reason why babies can have problems sleeping are very few. The information online can be too much and very confusing. You will probably end up feeling alone. You are not alone. You can look at calmknight.com for things that will help your baby have a calm sleep during the day and during the night.