Baby Changing Bag Packing Tips

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child packing bagsEven before our babies are born we find ourselves preparing for their arrival. Shopping sprees and crib assemblies are taking place, along with the sometimes long-term searches for things like baby changing bags in order to find the right one.

As useful and functional as baby changing bags are, however, I soon found out the hard way how to pack them properly. After what I went through my first time owning a baby bag I wanted to make sure other mothers didn’t have to go through the same thing.

Pack fruit – Children eat a lot of fruit and while it does contain fiber, making them poop more often, this is beneficial for their overall health. We want our kids to be happy, right? Health equates to happiness.

Don’t forget the basics – Changing mats, nappies, wipes, bags for nappies, tissues and the other necessities for cleaning up your babies have to be pack into the bag. Make sure you don’t forget anything, as horrible things can happen if you do.

Pack changes of clothes – Kids get dirty, often. Whether they are small infants or not. Toddlers need to be changed as well and we all know how dirty they can get when playing.

Don’t forget the drugs –¬†Calpol Sachets with a spoon and items like teething gel cannot be forgotten. If you prefer living in relative peace and harmony, that is.

Toys, Books and DVDs – Entertaining our children is part of raising them, so don’t forget to take along their favorite toys, books and movies. Once again, a happy child makes for a happy parent.

Other things that shouldn’t be forgotten when packing baby changing bags should include food and other necessities that might come in handy on road trips. Remembering all this will save you much hardship and stress later on, trust me on that.

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